Patient Financial Management is broken. Consumers are being asked to pay a larger share of healthcare costs every day without the education, tools, or resources to understand their financial responsibilities. This dysfunction leads to a growing healthcare disparity in our communities.

Consumers need to engage in the conversation regarding their growing responsibly for their healthcare costs. 
So What's The

Problem Now?

  • Patients delay needed care because they can’t afford the out-of-pocket expenses
  • There is a long-term negative impact on consumer healthcare costs
  • The lack of education and transparency has not kept up with the growth in out-of-pocket patient financial responsibilities

What's the Solution?

In order to comply with federal and state regulations, The Community Care Foundation has partnered with FinPay, LLC to process grant applications, manage educational & financial counseling requirements, and automate grant payments & compliance requirements. (Regulatory Terms and Conditions) 

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