Our Mission

To engage patients in a conversation regarding their financial responsibilities for their healthcare in order to minimize the healthcare disparity in our communities and to provide financial assistance to those willing to help themselves. 

See How We Help You


We help you understand your financial responsibility for your healthcare, including what you owe, why you owe it, and how your costs are determined

Healthcare Literacy Counseling

Start the conversation about what you need to know about healthcare costs, your financial responsibilities, and what you can do to save money on out-of-pocket costs

Financial Assistance Grants

By engaging in the conversation you may qualify for financial assistance grants to help reduce your medical care costs


Understand Your Financial Responsibilities For Your Healthcare

We understand that unexpected medical bills can cause stress in any household. That is why the Community Care Foundation can help you understand your financial responsibilities and help you manage your healthcare costs.

In order to comply with federal and state regulations, The Community Care Foundation has partnered with FinPay, LLC to process grant applications, manage educational & financial counseling requirements, and automate grant payments & compliance requirements. (Regulatory Terms and Conditions) 

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